WA2S Films & the World Animal Awareness Society are looking for help analyzing data for the American Strays Project. More info here: http://www.WA2S.org/american-strays

over 3 years ago

I am building a replacement for the tinychat client that's currently powering the Less Wrong Study Hall. (see https://complice.co/room/lesswrong)

The ultimate goal is to have one or more EA Study Halls that help EAs around the world be producti...

almost 4 years ago

App connects activists with actions. Our goal is to improve the democratic character of our political system and to make institutions more responsive and accountable to public opinion.

The basic idea of the app is that there is no straightforwa...

about 4 years ago

It occurs to me that Information Science is a thing, and we have a fair amount of unstructured information lying around that people might want to browse. More specifically, I've been thinking about a blog/Facebook aggregator for "what's new", but ...

over 4 years ago

On behalf of Ilya Stein:

Looking for someone to help with (or learn together) the basics of Geographic Infromation System(GIS), and specifically use of shapefiles of administrative maps in interactive web applications.

Already started learni...

over 4 years ago

I'd be happy to pay some of the cost, including if people want to create a pool to buy new such hosting.

about 5 years ago