Shanyi Gu

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Shri Samson

Modesto, California


Sidon Duarte

São Paulo, Brazil

Simon Vana

Mountain View, California

Sören Mindermann

Amsterdam, Netherlands

20 something Seattlite interested in marketing, nonprofits, effective altruism, and making the world better.

T Scott Clendaniel

Baltimore, Maryland

Taryn East

Sydney, Australia

Ted Suzman

San Francisco, California

Tim Cooijmans

Geneva, Switzerland

Working on a legal startup, deciding whether to earn to give or go for biomedical research.

Deputy Director GBS Switerland, Executive Director Raising for Effective Giving

Tom Ash

Oxford, Oxfordshire

I am Executive Director of the World Animal Awareness society

Will Dayble

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


William Saunders

Waterloo, Ontario

Offering: Discussing & Challenging the business side of your EA idea / Advice on building up and maintaining a strength training routine

Zachary Smith

Atlanta, GA, United States

Want to help EAs who are learning web development.

Zoe Williams

Christchurch, New Zealand

A final year Psyc/Stats double-major, with an interest in EA, group dynamics, data mining and applications of influence psychology.

I have sever...