Jared Friedman

San Francisco, California

Jay Quigley

Tallahassee, Florida

I help lead Students for Ending Poverty (STEP) at the Florida State University.

Joey Savoie

Vancouver, British Columbia

John Foss

Lancaster, CA

John Maxwell

San Francisco, California

My Less Wrong profile

My Twitter profile

[My earning-to-give startu...

Musician and philosopher, founder of successofhumanity.com.

Jonas Müller

Basel, Switzerland

BMed Clinical Medicine, now doing a MSc in Business & Economics. I have been involved with the Swiss EA movement since its beginning in 2012. In 20...

I'm a art teacher from Portugal. I volunteer for TLYCS and I'm a member of GWWC. Skills: arts (painting, drawing), design, translations (to Portug...

Josh Curtis

Mountain View, California

Currently in college studying computer science

Josh Jacobson

New York, New York

Katja Grace

Berkeley, California

Blogger and researcher.

Keller Scholl

Needham, Massachusetts

Undergrad at Oxford studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Volunteer with the FHI.

Kit Harris

London, United Kingdom

Looking forward to lending a hand

Lauren Lee

Seattle, Washington

iOS Developer; organizer for Seattle Secular Solstice; host of a weekly Sequence Reading Group; CFAR alum; Code Fellows alum