Hugo Jacob

Brussels, Belgium (as of 03/2014)

Hussein Al-kaf

107 Ranchlands Crescent NW Calgary Alberta

Ian Pitchford

Leeds/Bradford, UK

Ilya Stein

Johnson City, New York

Imma Six

Nijmegen, Netherlands

Recently finished my Master's degree in Natural Science and looking around for an ETG career.

My offers and request are a few months old but sti...

Jack LaSota

Urbana, Illinois

EA between input and output

Jacob Bryan

Salt Lake City, Utah

Jake Dennie

Granville, Ohio/ Indianapolis, IN

Student at Denison University

James Harrison

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

James is a social entrepreneur and lifehacker focused on behavior change innovations. He is founder and CEO of Self Spark, a global platform for sc...

Jan Beck

Graz, Austria

I'm new to effective altruism. Right now I'm not very effective because I spend almost all my time reading about it.