Danny An

San Francisco

Former product manager in a data science r&d branch. Founder of Cheerap, a mind wellness startup.

David Laing

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

David Moss

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Software developer at a tiny NoSQL startup (E2G) in the DC area. Yale '13. Interested in AI, the more math-y sides of software in general, board ...

Diego Caleiro

Berkeley, California

Diego Caleiro

Berkeley and Brazil

I'm an academic writer, advocate for EA, and am working on a book project which will be in the intersection of the EA movement interests, and the s...

I am trying very hard but I am crap at everything and I don't know what I am doing


I'm studying psychology and law, and I'm getting exponentially more interested in how to use research to reduce animal suffering

I like math and psychology.

Erik Hausen

Saint Catharines, Ontario

Erik Istre

Lafayette, Louisiana

Interested in: Mathematics, Logic, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, Existential Risk

Current Research: Paraconsistent Mathematics

Ethan Dickinson

San Francisco, California

Eugene Thomas

Ann Arbor, MI USA

Florent Berthet


Frazer Kirkman

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Passions: redesigning behaviour ending poverty animal rights ending loneliness and creating an inclusive global society that nurtures the poten...

G Ray

Seattle, WA

X-risk, EA, research and writing, other things. Read my writing at Eukaryote Writes Blog

Data science; anti-poverty; animal rights. Relevant writings: