Danny An

San Francisco

Former product manager in a data science r&d branch. Founder of Cheerap, a mind wellness startup.

David Laing

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

David Moss

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Software developer at a tiny NoSQL startup (E2G) in the DC area. Yale '13. Interested in AI, the more math-y sides of software in general, board ...

Diego Caleiro

Berkeley, California

Diego Caleiro

Berkeley and Brazil

I'm an academic writer, advocate for EA, and am working on a book project which will be in the intersection of the EA movement interests, and the s...

I am trying very hard but I am crap at everything and I don't know what I am doing


I'm studying psychology and law, and I'm getting exponentially more interested in how to use research to reduce animal suffering

Erik Engelhardt

Södermalm, Stockholms Län, Sweden

Erik Hausen

Saint Catharines, Ontario

Erik Istre

Lafayette, Louisiana

Interested in: Mathematics, Logic, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, Existential Risk

Current Research: Paraconsistent Mathematics

Ethan Dickinson

San Francisco, California

Eugene Thomas

Ann Arbor, MI USA

Florent Berthet


Frazer Kirkman

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Passions: redesigning behaviour ending poverty animal rights ending loneliness and creating an inclusive global society that nurtures the poten...

G Ray

Seattle, WA

X-risk, EA, research and writing, other things. Read my writing at Eukaryote Writes Blog

Data science; anti-poverty; animal rights. Relevant writings: