Ben Toner

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Ben West

Madison, Wisconsin

I am a CTO of a startup that works in the area of diagnosing genetic predispositions to cancer but my passion is making tools to increase agreement...

I'm 30 years old and I give at least 10% of my income to GiveWell's top recommended charities.

Brayden McLean

San Francisco, CA, USA

Engineer, Scientist, Analyst and Professional. Loves tech, biotech, and the far future.

Cenny Wenner

Stockholm, Sweden

Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Long-term hobby programmer with advanced degrees in mathematical statistics, efficient com...

Recent Biological Sciences graduate from University of Cambridge. Interested in, but no expert on, food security, climate change and molecular biol...

Chris Smith

London, United Kingdom

Management consultant and Oxford graduate, currently earning, learning and giving.

Happy to provide information and guidance for anyone conside...

Recent Ph.D. in evolutionary psychology; working on data science and marketing (especially market segmentation) skills for industry.

Claudia Shi

New Orleans, LA

I am a Chinese student studying at Tulane University, New Orleans. I am really interested in effective altruism.

<h1> I promote EA, learn, write, plan, and give advice on life skills and well-being. <h1>

Dan Elton

Silver Spring, Maryland skills: Python, machine learning, neural nets, physics, molecular simulation