I've recently engaged in a valuable exercise with three other EAs. Each of us gave every other participant feedback on things they could do to improve themselves. Crucially, the feedback was anonymous (we used Admonymous.com or Google Forms), so there were no incentives to lie or misrepresent one's true opinions. All participants were pleased with the results, and thought the exercise was worth it. I'd be interested in repeating this with other people; if you would like to participate, let me know. (The only restriction is that each participant must know all others sufficiently well to give them non-trivial feedback. I think knowing the person solely from online interactions (e.g. on Facebook) might be enough, though.)

Most people would like to receive more, rather than less, (sincere) compliments. And few people seem to dislike complimenting others. On the whole, then, it seems desirable to increase the number of compliments people receive. With this in mind, I’m hereby offering to send a personal compliment to anyone that requests it. :)

(Please note that this offer is only valid for people I know personally or with whom I've had substantial interactions online. I feel that complimenting someone that I know little or nothing about would be insincere.)

over 4 years ago

If you are in visiting Oxford and need a place to stay, feel free to email me. I can guarantee I'll be able to host you (I live with roommates), but I'll do my best.

over 4 years ago

A friend of mine and me will be spending some time translating EA material into Spanish over the next weeks. If there is any document or video that you would like me to translate, please get in touch. So far the only EA material available in Spanish is Singer's TED talk, Singer's book The Life You Can Save, and a couple of GiveWell blog posts (still unpublished).

almost 5 years ago