Brayden McLean

San Francisco, CA, USA

Engineer, Scientist, Analyst and Professional. Loves tech, biotech, and the far future.

I've just finished a three month quest to move to San Francisco. I've got knowledge about accommodation, finding a job, and what systems are valuable to have in place. I probably can't help with visa questions unless you are also from Australia. I'll eventually turn this advice into a post.

over 5 years ago

Within three months of launching the Effective Altruism Melbourne community, we had presented at two conferences, hosted dinner parties and fundraisers, met with Peter Singer, and grown to 50 members. I'd love to share stories and discuss advice with others working on growing a local Effective Altruism movement.

If you have an EA or for-profit challenge that you need assistance with, I can share my skills in Engineering, project management, data analysis, or design. My background is Mechanical Engineering and Physics and I have been a part of projects in the public, private, and not for profit sectors.

I live at Masonic, a large intentional community in San Francisco. We have a guest room that I am able to reserve in advance for guests if you are coming though town. We are a community of hackers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and learners, who are on a path to discover our next life path. We'd love for you to join our community for a couple of nights, so let me know how we can meet.

over 4 years ago