Ozzie Gooen

Oakland, California

Web Developer at 80,000 Hours, co-creator of this website.

Patrick and I live at 20 Mission, a sweet cohousing community in the Mission of San Francisco (about the best part of it, in my opinion).


We have a small mattress for guests, but it gets the job done.

We can have guests! Feel free to ask to stay a night, or a few. We can also help show you around the area.

almost 5 years ago

Give me your address and I'll send you a mystery gift, free.

almost 5 years ago

Interested in learning how to make web applications? I can spend some time talking you through the basics. After that I can check up on you once a week or so to make sure that you are on track. (Video call or email).

I consider myself intermediate in the following technologies:

  • Rails
  • Git
  • JS/CS
about 6 years ago

I was an entrepreneur in SF for a year and have been through some cool experiences there. Haven't succeeded with a wealthy startup yet, but have learned a lot.

about 6 years ago

book: Kindle lending

about 6 years ago

Lendable via Kindle. link

about 6 years ago

If anyone in the bay wants to play with an ipad Air for 1-2 weeks, let me know. I'm finding it useful for reading, but don't use it as much as I expected to.

over 5 years ago