Tom Ash

Oxford, Oxfordshire

Hosting on the server, which already host several people's projects and the websites of some local EA groups.

You can ask for investment advice from me and others by joining!forum/ea-d-investment

over 5 years ago

If you're unsure where to donate, I and a few others have read up on and discussed this a lot, and advised a fair few people. Don't hesitate to shoot me a message, or if you'd like to ask everyone who's happy to give donation advice, join the 'EA Discussion: Donation Advice' Google group at!forum/donation-advice

about 5 years ago

Most coding advice forums expect a lot of searching before you ask questions. A few experienced EA coders, including myself, are happy to help EAs if they merely think asking will take less net time than (further) searching. The rationale is that this'll help EtG careers and EA projects. For more and to give and get help, see

over 5 years ago

I'd be happy to pay some of the cost, including if people want to create a pool to buy new such hosting.

over 5 years ago

This project is now retired, so we'e no longer accepting loan applications. For more, see

almost 5 years ago
almost 5 years ago

Might you or anyone you know offer this?

almost 5 years ago

Including AdWords and online advertising. Introductions to people who know about the prospects for success with this in advertising charities or have relevant experience are welcome. (We aren't looking simply for people who know how to use AdWords and know the basics of getting more impressions and clicks, of the sort which people can generally figure out themselves in a few hours.)

over 4 years ago

I've helped register several charities in the US, Canada and the UK - including seeing a few US 501c3 applications through completion.

Do you run or are you on the board of a registered charity, particularly on a European country? Could you get it to undertake EA activities? One potential example would be donation routing to participate in the Worldwide EA Donation Routing Mechanism - we've had success recruiting dormant charities for this or adding it as a new activity of quite different ones.