Earning to give; found my way into EA during my Phd at oxford; currently working for a tech startup in the bay area.

Hey all, I'm moving to the Bay Area this February and I'm looking to share an apartment within cycling distance of SOMA. I'm looking for a 2-3 room place with a per-person rent of perhaps $1400-$2000/mo.

I'm originally from Australia and for the last few years I've been doing computer vision at a NYC startup called Flyby Media. We built a pretty awesome visual inertial navigation system for mobiles but it feels like the right time to move on. I'm moving to the bay area to join a pre-series-A company called Kite. I'll be working on machine learning.

I became interested in EA while I was doing my phd at Oxford. I worked with some of the people at FHI and GWWC on various projects, and was an advisor to the amazing folks behind 80,000 hours.

almost 5 years ago